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Monday, December 19, 2011

Children's Messages

Are you terrified to take your child up for children's messages in church because you're afraid of how they'll act (in the FRONT of church). Yes, that'd be me...until a couple months ago. I was terrified maybe even more so because #1 is the PASTOR'S KID, so he should sit, and he should listen, and he should be good...well #1 has trouble sitting still, let alone up in the front of the church where Pastor is! At first he would just go and talk to Pastor, because he doesn't usually see Pastor in the am, Pastor leaves before we all get up (yes, that early).

Well, I decided that it was time to introduce #1 to children's messages. He was missing out, and we have an amazing children's minister, who I'm sure doesn't care and would correct #1 if needed. So, one day we were at church with Pastor and I told #1 we were going to practice going up for a children's message! It was so great. We practiced WALKING up to the front, and SLOWLY going up the stairs. I highly recommend practicing with your child. If you can't make it to church on a regular week day, do it after church one Sunday. Now I don't just let #1 go up there by himself, I don't think he'd be able to find me (let alone want to come back to me) if I leave him do it himself. I go up with him. #1 sits up on the alter with the other kids, and I sit in the first row with #2. Its typically a success. Today #1 was going up and was a bit slow, but got up there, sat well, didn't really "pray" with everyone, but it was a success!

So here are 3 tips to having your child be "successful" in going up for a children's message.
1. Practice before hand (or talk to them about expected behavior, but I believe you have to SHOW kids this)
2. Go up with them
3. Realize its OK if they aren't perfect!

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