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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cloth Diapering...a not so scary world after all!

This month marks our 1 year anniversary of cloth diapering! I can't believe we've been a cloth diaper family for over a year now. It seems like just yesterday! I started doing cloth when #2 was just 4 months old. I slowly became to realize half of our grocery budget each week was going to DIAPERS for both kids. Ugh! That was a bit frustrating. I turned to a friend in Chicago (who we met while we were on vicarage) who had suggested cloth when #1 was born. What, she's crazy. I'm not going to touch that poop, let alone wash it in my washer where I was MY clothes! So, she introduced me to a whole new world, and it's been a wonderful adventure ever since!

Now, cloth diapering (or CD) is a whole new language in and of itself. You have prefolds (PF) and fitteds, and pockets, and All in Ones (AIO), and covers and so much more! Now it was a bit daunting, but its amazing. Not only am I saving a TON of money (not to mention if we have #3, then we don't have to buy ANY diapers), but we're saving the world, and adding fashion to #2's wardrobe!

These are homemade diapers with an insert, made from t-shirts. 
What's in my current "stash" as the cloth diaper people would this. (Note I used prefolds when #1 was not as mobile along with snappis, but have found that AIOs are better for her now.). 

Here are some of #2s diaper covers.
These are her "purchased" Kawaii diapers.
Wetbags, to store the diapers before washing (storing them dry)
Top you have different "inserts". Bottom are two other diapers that need covers over them.

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