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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the Second day of baking...

On the second day of baking, we made...
Chocolate Covered Pretzels 
 Now these are very simple, and not really "baking" anything, but they are a favorite in our house around this time of year. This year, we did long pretzels because I got them for FREE at Albertsons. Two weeks ago Albertsons had double coupons, and that same Sunday the paper had $1 off one bag of Pretzels (which so happened to be on sale for $2 each), with that coupon doubled, I got 5 bags for free!!! Some people thought that was a bit crazy, but we've already gone through 4 bags...because we make a lot of stuff and give to our community leaders to show our thanks and gratitude! It helps #1 realize that presents is not what Christmas is all about. 

So, what you'll need:
Pretzels (I honestly like the long ones the best)
Almond Bark (I chose white) or melting chocolate
Holiday Sprinkles
Parchment Paper

1. Melt almond bark in the microwave. I love that our microwave has a "melt" button. Makes my life so much easier!
2. Make sure to stir the almond bark, then dip/cover pretzels.
3. Sprinkle the pretzels, and lay on the parchment paper.
4. Repeat as desired!

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