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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the Second day of Crafting...

On the second day of crafting...we made...
Snowmen Ornaments 

Note: This craft is for older children. Only #1 did it, because of the hotness of the glue.
You'll Need:
Tin Foil
Hot Glue gun
Colored Beads
Pipe Cleaners

What to do: 
1. Lay a piece of tin foil on your workspace.
2. Put a big glob of hot glue on the tin foil, then carefully place your elastic at the top of the glob (so it forms a ring). 
3. Use a toothpick and slide down the beads for the eyes. 
4. Take the pipe cleaner (cut to 3/4in, and bent in the shape of a V) and place it 3-demionsally for the nose. 
5. Use a toothpick and slide the beads for the mouth
6. When finished, place in the freeze for about an hour (will be easier to peel off). 

Craft idea was found here.

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