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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Morning Routine

Sunday’s are especially busy around our house as Pastor is gone most of the day. He leaves around 7am, sometimes even earlier if he’s preaching, and runs runs runs until usually 8:30-9pm at night. He does, some days have a break between late service and youth group, which tends to be 2-3 hours (if that). Now that we’re in the season of Advent things are just crazier! Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of my favorite seasons, just hectic and busy! So Sunday mornings is a morning where I have to get #1 and #2 up, dressed, fed, changed, ready to go to church, in the van, and into the church, some days by 8am! I’ve often had parishioners mention to me “I don’t know how you do it, I can barely get myself ready, let alone my older children.”. Well I guess I don’t have a choice, so it’s just done…by the grace of God! 

#1, #2, and I alternate church services. Since Pastor serves at a fairly large congregation we have two worship services on Sunday; an early “traditional” service, then education hour, and then a later “contemporary” service. We like to go to both services, but going to two services on a Sunday is just asking for trouble with a one and two year old. So, we alternate. This week happens to be a “late” service Sunday for us. So, #2 can sleep in. She likes to sleep until 8 or so some days….and it’s beautiful, now if #1 could just sleep in. His body wakes up at 6:30 like clock work. I told Pastor that if our alarm clock breaks, it’s ok, because #1 would get us up! Anyway, #1 and I are sitting here watching Super Why, an AWESOME PBS show that helps kids learn the alphabet and spell words. It’s a short 25 minute program and we typically watch it when we have time to spare in the morning. I say “time to spare” since it’s so early…at about 9am we won’t have any time to spare. Sometimes it takes us 15 minutes just to get in the van, buckled and ready! 

Either way, it’s a crazy Sunday morning at our house, but my kids look forward to going to church, so it ends up being an awesome day! I’m so proud of my kids for their love for Jesus! Just last night #1 (two years old) told me that Jesus was born for ME. I love the theology of a two year old; it’s so real and simple! 

What’s your Sunday morning like? Crazy, slow, busy, or just normal like any other day?

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