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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday's Grocery Savings

Albertsons Shopping 
I heart I had 6 doublers (I get 5 sunday papers, but a church member brought me theirs too). 
I got 
3 Coffee Creamers
6 frozen steam fresh veggies
4 bags of cough drops
3 - 5 pouch things of oatmeal
2 things of tea bags
4 rhodes rolls
6 sprinkles
1 thing of Kings Hawaiin Rolls
1 V8 smoothie
10 pack of apple juice boxes

All for around $25! I saved about $42! Most of what I bought is regularly consumed (minus all the rolls, but with the holidays and winter, I'm sure it'll be put to good use!). I normally don't buy juice boxes, but since we know we're planning a road trip in the future, I got them, for 3 times less than shelf price, and I know they'll be good use in the car. Questions on how I did this. There's more to come this week! You too can save this much!!

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