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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Teaching Our Children to be givers

This time of year is often a time when families "give" to others. This year, since #1 is old enough to (I think) understand the concept of giving...we've done a few "servant" projects around our neighborhood. While I think its great to teach your child to be a giver all year long, I've taken time in December to specifically teach #1 about giving.

At the beginning of the month #1 and I sat now and talked about what it means to give...I gave him things and then asked him what 'd say (of course he said thank you), and then I asked him who HE should give things to, his 2 year old response was, "you mommy"...So I helped him a bit in thinking, who makes a difference in HIS life, in our community.

We came up with these people:
Trash man - Joshua LOVES seeing the trash man on Thursdays and the trash man waves at him and honks his horn, he's truly and awesome guy!
Mail Lady - because she brings us our mail, rain, snow, sleet, or hail!
Paper guy - he brings us coupons
Police People - they keep us safe
Firemen - they help save people (and keep us safe)
Church leaders - there are a lot people at church who bless us
Teacher - they teach us things
Neighbors - they watch our house when we're gone.

So we got the list together, then we've been using our 12 days of baking and other things we've made and we've brought these people gifts. It's amazing to see #1 hand the bag of goodies to someone and hear him say "these are for you, because your special, and Merry Christmas, Jesus Loves you". I only prompted him once what to say, the rest of the time he usually comes up with this saying or something very close to it.

Next year we'll take part in Operation Christmas Child. For this year, we kept it small and simple. I hope to instill the thankful heart in my children.

How do you teach your child about giving? 

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