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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Theology of a Two Year Old

I love the minds of toddlers. They are so simple and so true! #1 tells me about Jesus every day and I'm thankful for it. Tonight he told me while we were driving home from church "mommy, Jesus was born in the manger". I replied, "yes he was". #1 then replied, "mommy, he was born for me, to save me". Wow. Tears in my eyes as my two year old 'gets it'. I replied to him "isn't that wonderful, that Jesus was born to save us all". #1 was quiet for a bit, then he said in a soft voice "I'm glad Jesus came for me and for you, and for #2 and daddy".

Its that simple. Jesus was born to save His people. I'm so happy that even my two year old understands it! Sometimes theology gets complicated, and so #1 helps me stay focused on the simple parts.

"A Son will be born to her. You will give Him the name Jesus because He will save His people from the punishment of their sins.” Matthew 1:21

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