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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Third Person

Do you ever talk to your children (or heck, even yourself) in the third person? For example I may say "Mommy needs to go take a shower, so will you play quietly" or "Mommy isn't happy with the decision you made". I often find myself speaking in the third person. I guess it just comes easy when talking with young children. I guess I really didn't realize how often I do it, until #1 started referring to himself in the third person. He does it all the time! He says "_____, needs to eat breakfast", or "___________'s balloon broke yesterday". Now maybe he's just listened to me a lot talking in the third person, but I find it really interesting that he chooses to talk in the third person most of the time. I think its cute, but Pastor thinks its funny.

While doing a Google search on "talking in third person", just to see what came up, I found that when you talk in third person, you're considered "a boss". Well, let's not have that go to #1's head!

Do you ever catch yourself talking in third person out in public when it's not necessary?

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