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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's in a Name?

When Pastor and I were pregnant with #1 and #2 we debated on names a LOT, Pastor is into meaning of names, root, origin, and language, etc. BOTH pregnancies we didn't know what we were having. It was so much fun answering the question "what are you having" I'd reply...a baby...and people would roll their eyes. Its not common anymore to WAIT to find out the gender of the baby...and honestly if it were all up to me, I'd find out. I told Pastor if we have #3 I want to know the gender, because we already have one boy and one girl and I want to be able to donate the opposite gender of clothes before #3 gets here (and NO we are NOT expecting). Pastor still puts his foot down, and honestly with his answer to "why don't you want to find out" it's ok to me...when we were expecting #1 Pastor explained that finding out the DAY the baby is born is the best gift ever...and he had so much meaning behind it...however with #1 he also said that if we had a girl he'd be UPSET...yes this was just 2 weeks before #1 was born....I was devestated, like I had control over it....needless to say on Valentine's Day (two days before #1 was born) Pastor gave me a whole bunch of PINK things and said he'd be happy if we had a girl...but God gave us a BOY first, Praise Him!! Had we had #2 first, we might not have had anymore..haha, no not really, she's a sweet girl, just has an amazing set of lungs on her.

Anyway, back to the reason of the meaning. Now #1's meaning is a strong meaning. #2's meaning is thoughtful and in mind of God. It's awesome. I'm not going to share the meanings because it could get back to their names, but think about it. Why'd you name your child what you did. Family origins, meaning, special to you. You only get to name your child once...I think that's an amazing blessing of being a parent, is choosing their name!

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  1. It was fun discussing names for our children. So much thought went into that.
    I'm visiting from the Proverbs 31 group and following your blog now.


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