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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's in a Song?

I realized yesterday, while I was in store and did not recognize the song playing overhead, that we only listen to Christian music. Now, I don't think this is a bad thing, not at all. #1 picks up words like no other, so I don't mind that he isn't learning the "not nice" words in some songs on the regular pop station. Now, don't get me wrong, we listen to Pandora from our internet ready TV in the mornings upstairs, and when we're cooking, but when that station is on its either 1, holiday music (like now, Christmas music) or 2, Kids music, like Raffi. I know all the words to Baby Beluga, Wheels on the Bus, and much more.

Why is it that we've chosen to "monitor" the music, frankly for the fact that the language is not appropriate for children, really young or older...I can just look into the future and see me driving a van full of my kids and their friends up to Camp in the summer and listening to great Christian music (and then a child ask why we don't listen to regular music...and my kids wonder, what other music!). I guess its how we're choosing to raise good Christian Children. Now, don't get me wrong, other music isn't bad, just having radio stations on and not having "control" of the songs that play scares me. I never really "listened" to the words of songs until Pastor pointed it out when #1 was turning 1 years old and I was loving listening to "pop" music...that's when it all turned, because I realized what people were saying in songs was about sex, drugs, and other not appropriate things.

What do you like to listen to?

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  1. Comment made by Sally from Facebook

    I get nervous when we start labeling secular music "bad" and Christian music "good". Not all secular music is bad and not all Christian music is good. There are a lot of "Christian" songs that portray God poorly at best and tell outright lies at worse. They often portray a "feel good" god instead of the God of the Bible. Obviously, secular music needs a filter as well with some of the garbage that's out there. For us, we are normally switching between at least 6 different stations to find something both appropriate and enjoyable. We also sometimes play a veggie tales CD or others. A lot of music for little kids is SO annoying so that can make things difficult too.

    Music and other media are a hard topic and people land all over the spectrum in what they allow or don't allow. I know I'm surprised by what the parents of the youth I work with allow. Media is a great launching point for discussion though as kids get older about why we listen (or watch) to some things and don't listen to others and what messages are being portrayed.


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