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Sunday, December 11, 2011

While Sitting in the Pew

Do you ever wonder, while sitting in the pew, what am I going to make for lunch, I need to go to the grocery store, I wonder where that lady got her shirt, why won't my kids let me listen to the sermon? If you answered yes, than you're probably a typical "mom" like me....however I'm the pastor's wife so I SHOULD be listening better, and be a better example for others. Here is what I've found over the past year in a half of being an "actual" pastor's wife...along with 4 years of training before (yes, the wives go through training to be a pastor's wife, much like the husbands are trained to be a pastor).

Tips to help focus your mind in church.
  1. Pray before you go to church. Pray that God will give you the strength to hear his word and you'll be able to spread the love of Jesus! 
  2. Bring lots of SNACKS both for you and the kids. Since I have two children, very young, I bring two snack containers (and a refill) and they each get their own bowl, no fighting. 
  3. Realize its OK if your child makes a SOUND....Church is NOT a place where children are to be quiet. Jesus said “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Luke 18:16. So don't feel you have to "shh" them all the time. We usually sit in the back middle and my kids color, eat snacks, and "sing" with us. 
  4. Teach your children to pray in church. Just recently, today in fact, both #1 & #2 prayed in church when they heard Pastor ...aka daddy...say, "let's pray". It was amazing. However #2 thought the prayers should've been over way sooner, she got the concept. 
  5. Sit next to new people (you won't be tempted to strike up a conversation about what you did last night...well most of the time). 
  6. Come back the next week. Church is something that continues on and on....its in our daily lives, don't feel that if you didn't "hear" God's word, you didn't. God speaks to and through people in many ways. 

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