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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baptismal Birthday Present

We are Godparents to our niece. Her baptismal birthday is the day after #1s (but a year apart). It's quite special because my brother and sister in law our #1s Godparents and we are their first child's (my niece) Godparents...and the baptismal birthdays are on the same weekend. We got to celebrate baptismal birthdays together one that both brothers (and their father) are pastors, travel around Sunday's isn't the their baptismal birthdays are during lent, a busy season for pastors!

So, I've been trying to think of a good Christian present to give to my niece, who turns two on January 19th. These are some of the ideas I've been pondering...but nothing has jumped out at me saying, THIS IS you have any special things you do for your Godchildren?

The Hear Me Read Bible: Containing 18 Bible stories (reprints of separately published, slim early reader books), the text is in large type and features short sentences. Each story is told in 25 words or less. The illustrations are large and engaging. At the beginning of each story, a word list is offered, as is educational advice to parents from the author.(sounds excellent for a toddler...but still not 100% sure!)

Mix and Match Bible Stories: This seems interactive, but is it really the right thing?

My First Bible Storybook: Now this is just another bible storybook, however #1 LOVES all of his bibles and begs to read them all the too many isn't bad?

Bible Story Search and Find: Basically what it says it is, but two, do you think she'd use it. #1 is just getting into search and finds and he's 1 month shy of 3 years old.

Read and Sing Devotions: #2 got this when she was baptized from her Godparents.

Noah's Ark: a toy...but I don't want her to think its another reason to get toys...



  1. Have you seen this one?

  2. I hadn't, but great idea! It could go well with the My Pretty Pink Prayers! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Pastor and I found this amazing bible. It's for ages 3 and up (our niece is 2), but this will grow with her, and its from CPH so we know it should be good!


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