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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bedtime Stories

I can’t say I remember reading a lot of stories before bedtime when I was younger, but I know we read lots of books, my mom’s a teacher, so she knows what’s best…anyway. We have a great bedtime routine (which I’ve previously discussed in Super Nanny…she knows what’s she’s talking about) and that includes stories. Two of them. One of them #1 picks out…totally his choice long as it’s a STORY not a board book (he’s too old for those now, I tell him we can read those during the day, when he can read to me…he’s only 2, -almost 3), or a search and find book. So typically he chooses, Clifford (the SAME one), or Curious George…but not lately. Lately he’s been into one of my absolute favorite Christian Children’s Books! The Tale of Three Trees. 
The Tale of Three Trees: A Traditional Folktale
It’s an amazing store of three tree who  have “dreams” for themselves…the first tree dreams of holding a beautiful treasure, the second tree dreams of being a strong sailing ship, and the third tree wants to be the tallest tree so people will raise their eyes to heaven and think of God….the story goes on and the three trees get cut down, each tree doesn’t “fulfill” their dream the way they had imagined…but later they realize it was God’s plan for them that was fulfilled. The first tree was built into a feed box…which later held baby Jesus…The GREATEST treasure of all. The second tree was built into a small ship that brought back dead fish, but also carried Jesus through storms (when Jesus calmed the stormy waters)…so he carried the King of the heaven and earth. The third tree was cut into beams and placed in a lumberyard…she was very sad. Then one day she was picked up, and a man’s hands were nailed to her. She felt cruel…but on Sunday morning “when the sun rose and earth trembled with joy beneath her, the third tree knew that God’s love had changed everything! Every time the people thought of the third tree, they would think of God.

Every time I read this story, even now…I get tears in my eyes. Isn’t God’s love amazing? It’s amazing how we have our “dream” but God’s plan for us is so much better…and surrounded in HIS love just makes its 100 times better! Jesus is amazing.

I’m blessed that #1 loves this book, he can explained to me the three trees their importance and how God loves us and knows our plans. Wow. Just takes my breath away! I recommend getting a copy of this book…this is a book I received for my high school graduation from my youth director and now pass on the same book to high school graduates here…an amazing story of God’s love!

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