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Monday, January 9, 2012

Goals Week of January 9, 2012

1. Get a Tuesday/Thursday routine set (days #1 is home all day)
2. Do 4 crafts with the kids

3. Read 5 chapters of Real Marriage 
4. Edit 2010 Online Scrapbook and place order (digital scrap-booking)

Home Management 
5.  Start and use Quicken

6. Do 2 weeks of Lesson I Learned in the Dark Bible Study. 


  1. You probably already got Quicken, but I was sick to find out that I upgraded ours on-line and found out it would have been cheaper to buy a new version from Costco. Ugh. We had to get the business version for Tim's work.

    Also, How do you want new followers to sign up? By Google Friend Connect? I'm not seeing the regular "follow" button, but I didn't look really closely. :)

  2. We actually got the deal for Turbo Tax and Quicken at Staples last week $59.99 for Turbo Tax Deluxe and $30 for Quicken (but an easy rebate for $30 for Quicken). Then, this week Turbo Tax Deluxe was $49.99 and Quicken was still "free" after rebate, so I went back and got the $10 difference because Staples has a 14 day price guarantee...but we didn't get the "business" quicken, just the basic one!

    As far as signing up. When I have 50 Google Friend Connect people I'll do a giveaway, so sign up there, if you want. It's on the right side bar (but not sure you can sign up with your gracepocatello email? Firewall might block it).


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