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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Morning Girls: Ephesians Bible Study

This winter Becs from Ironic Adventures and some other friends of mine are doing this Ephesians Bible Study. It sound so wonderful! I was so anxious to start, that I started today...oops! The "real" study starts January 15th and runs to April 15. Through this study we will read through all of Ephesians and use the Good Morning Girls SOAP method...Scripture (writing down verses for the day, will write out the entire book of Ephesians over 12 weeks), Observations, Applications, and Prayer. This isn't just a bible study you do by yourself, but rather do your daily devotion then connect with a group of people to refresh and encourage one another. Would you like to become part of a group! You can!! You can join our group...or start your own!

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