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Friday, January 27, 2012

How Walmart Paid Me

I LOVE getting free things, but even better I love getting PAID for things at a retail store. How do I do this you the beauty of coupons, sales, and match ups at Walmart!

This week Albertsons is having a round up coupon sale, which is great. I tried to see if Wal-Mart would do the same (thinking they wouldn't because it says so in their coupon policy, but thought I'd ask), but they wouldn't...which was fine. No biggie. I still scored a great shopping trip.

I bought:
4 packs of Slim Trim Disposable Razors for $1.97/each
4 packs of Haribo Gummy Bears for $1.08/each

I used:
4 $3 off Slim Trip Razors
4 $0.30 off Haribo Gummy Bears

After coupons the register said -0.27. Yup, that's right Wal-Mart Paid me! The best thing about it is, the razors, have the $3 off coupon in there again, so I'll make $1.03 times 4 again!! Its the product that keeps on giving!

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