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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meal Plan Week of January 30th

I started the year by cooking 5 meals a week...well a family of 4...which two small children who don't eat a lot right now...we were not getting through all of the leftovers and I HATE throwing food I've decided to scale it down a bit. I am just planning special breakfasts (birthdays, holidays, etc), doing lunch on the fly, and sitting down and planning suppers but only 4 of see if that helps us reduce the amount of food we throw away. I'm also choosing to simply my #1 has started to ask to eat lunch at school (so he packs a lunch, well WE pack a lunch) three days a week, its only #2 and I that eat lunch, as Pastor eats lunch at the school (connected to the church) with the kids. So, here's our dinner menu for this week.

Monday: Orange Chicken (made by Pastor, its wonderful), rice, apples, and broccoli
Tuesday: White Chicken Chilli, bread pretzels
Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie, peaches, and brownies
Thursday: Left Overs
Friday: Oven Backed Chicken Breasts & Hashrbrown Casserole

Yes, LOTS of chicken, do you know why!? Because I got my chicken order of Zaycon Foods on Monday. Look for a post about that, this coming week!

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