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Monday, January 9, 2012

Part 1: How to Save Money on Kids Clothes

Have you ever felt that the pair of jeans you JUST bought for your child, are now 5 inches too short, or too tight. It's crazy how fast kids grow out of everything, not to mention the extreme cost of children's clothes (sometimes just as much as adult clothing!). Here's the start of a 3 part series on how to save money when buying kids clothes.

  • Hand me downs are great.  These are the BEST way to save on children's clothes, because they are most of the time FREE! Whether its using clothing from one child to the next, or a friend or a relative hands clothes down to you, its awesome because they were free! I know I don't care if #2 wears a pair of jeans that #1 wore (even if they are different genders....however if we had had a girl first, that probably would've upset Pastor). When you're done with the clothes hand them down to someone else, or sell them if they are in good enough condition.

  • Consignment stores, kiddie boutiques and shops.When we were in our final year of seminary there were TONS of consignment sales that I took advantage of!  I got the cutest clothes, coats, even baby equipment for next to nothing compared to their original value...and they were like brand new. Consider consignment shops and stores for cribs and furniture too.
  • Garage sales. This is one of the things I love about spring and summer! You can find great bargains at garage sales (and don't feel that the price they mark is set in stone, you can always offer less, doesn't hurt to ask). I suggest getting the newspaper, find the sales best for you and go early. Sometimes people even have early bird sales. Get up early, it'll save you $$!!
To Be Continued...

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