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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Part 2: Tips and Tricks for Saving on Kids Clothes

So, now that we know we can do swaps, garage sales, and consignment stores for bargin kid clothes shopping, lets talk about some tips and tricks for more savings.

  • Shop the opposite season. At the end of the winter last year we stocked up on boots, snowpants, long sleeve shirts, and jeans for both #1 and #2, we came out with a ton of stuff for 70% off! Now, we had to store it all, but that's fine, because I have 1 bin of "too big clothes" for the kids that the clothes went into! Shop during the off season! 

  • Shop Online. A lot of times things I want to buy I can find for cheaper on the internet. Find sales online, and pair it with free shipping (and sometimes no tax). It's a great way to save. Most of the time I don't have my kids try on clothes anyway so this is just as quick! Don't forget you can pair coupons to online sites as well! 
  • ThredUp!  Where moms like you buy, sell & share children's clothes, toys and books online. Now this isn't "free" but most boxes cost about $9 for usually about 15 items of clothes. I got a box last fall for #2 and it was filled with great clothes! You can also earn money for each box you sell! thredUP is a revolving-door for children’s clothing. Out with the outgrown and in with the new-to-you.
    Get going, it’s time to thredUP!
 Conclusion tomorrow!

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  1. This gets even better right now!

    Today Bitsybug has another great deal! You will pay $10 for $20 on pre-loved kids clothes, toys or books on thredUP. This is a savings of 50% off ! Plus shipping is included!

    Don’t forget, when you refer your friends to Bitsybug, you can earn a $5 credit which will make future deals even better!


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