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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Activties during Lent

I've been researching things to do with #1 and #2 to help them understand what Lent is all about. Granted they are 3 and 1, but I want to start early, as their brains are like sponges. They'll get it, I know! So I've found a few good ideas, but I think I'll be coming up with my own as well. Watch us, the next 40 days and see what happens. Only God Knows!

Here's a good way to explain Lent to kids:
Our lives are so busy and filled with buying toys or things for ourselves, candy, playing games, watching television which make us feel on earth...which is only temporary. Lent is a time for us to stop, listen, pray, hear God, and make more room for him, sometimes giving up our temporary things. We can also at this time pray more, volunteer more, and do things for others, which we should continue throughout the whole year. 

Here are some Lenten Activities we'll be doing. I'll make sure to post as we do them! 

Lenten Crosses
  • During these 40 days we'll be making some crosses. We'll cut the crosses out of a cereal box or card-board. Then we'll find magazines and look for things we're thankful for. We'll cut them out and paste them to the cross...some crosses may have pictures we drew of things were thankful for. We'll remember the things God has given us that we're thankful for while we pray during this Lenten Season!

Palm Sugar Cookies
  • Bake sugar cookies in the shape of palm leaves for Palm Sunday. Give each child a section of cookie dough to roll out. Then, give them a dull knife without serrated edges to cut one long strip of dough about 4-5 inches long and 1in wide for the stem. Then, they can cut smaller strips about 1in long and 1/2in thick, to create the fanned leaves. Piece their palms together, with the leaves touching for stability, and sprinkle green-colored sugar before baking.  
 Resurrection Cookies - Post coming soon! 

Making a Crown of Thorns - Post coming soon! 

A neat idea, but we will not be doing this one this year: Lenten Grapevine 
  • Cut a large piece of felt or colored paper in the size you wish. With your children, use brown paper to cut a grapevine shape to span the length of the banner. For a three dimensional effect, you may wish to twist strips of brown paper grocery bags to create a vine. Cut the letters "I am the vine; you are the branches" and attach them to the banner. The vine begins barren. Instruct the children to cut leaves and bunches of grapes from paper, and store these in a basket near the banner.  Throughout the Lenten season, as family members notice other members doing good deeds, ask them to place a leaf of bunch of grapes on the banner to honor that act. By Easter, the vine will be bursting with life! 
I haven't been too successful in finding "good" preschool activities and lessons, so I'm going to rack my teacher brain and think of a few more. Follow us these 40 days!

I have however decided to do something similar like the grapevine activity but is more preschool friendly. I'll introduce it to #1 and #2 today and tell you about it tomorrow! Stay tuned until then!

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