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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Busy Box

Pastor and I have been discussing school for #1 lately....he goes to a 2s preschool (because we were worried about his social interaction and communication...which is NO LONGER a worry) and most people would assume we'd just stick with the 3s program, but I have a degree in pre-primary education  (preschool age 3) so I really have the knowledge to teach him...patience maybe not...I've never taught this low so I don't have the resources, but I'm sure I could come up with them. My friend from Ironic Adventures home-schools her boys (4 and 2) and so I know I could go to her for help! thinking what am I going to do with #2 while I school #1, I've started thinking of "busy bags" or rather busy boxes...which is what this is.
 This is with the toys out of the box, where #1 (or #2) would take a play measuring spoon and fill mini muffin tins. This would entertain #2 for a long time.

This is when the box has toys in it where she "digs" for the toys. I have 10 different sensory toys in the box for her.

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