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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart Bird Feeder

I found this amazing idea from Under The Table and Dreaming. I thought it'd be a fun activity to do the week of Valentine's day. It has great fine motor skills involved too!

What You'll Need:
Pipe Cleaner (or wire if not doing with little ones)

 First you string the cheerios onto the pipe cleaner (eat a few too!).
 We filled them full, but left about 3/4-1 inch on both ends.
 Then twist the ends together, form into any shape you want, we did hearts because we're talking about hearts this week. Then tie the yarn to make a big hang it up.
 Then place on the tree for the birds to eat.

Since it's still "winter" here, not sure if they'll get eaten or not, but it was a nice little activity that kept the kids busy for a good 30 minutes!

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