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Friday, February 3, 2012

stART (story + ART): Penguins

I found this idea while surfing the web one evening. I really love reading books to #1 and #2, and every week we've been doing different "themed" crafts and we typically read 3 or 4 books centered around that I have a name for that stART (story + art)!

We've been talking about Penguins all week. So we read 365 Penguins and did a fun cut (or tear) craft. #1 chose this craft. He has really been into cutting lately, so when he heard that he can use scissors he was all over this craft!

I found a great mosaic craft on Kaboose. I used the template from the craft and glued it to the paper because #1 still is working on tracing (considering he's still 2, until the middle of this month). We then practiced cutting with scissors to cut out the white and black pieces.

We continued to cut and tear the paper until we had a good pile of paper. Then we put a lot of glue on the paper and glued our little cut black and white squares onto our template.


 This was a great way to practice our fine motor skills in picking up little pieces of paper and gluing them on the glue. Even #2 came to help for a while!

#1 got glue on his hands, but that didn't seem to stop him in creating his masterpiece!!

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