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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Coupon Savings!

Here is my savings from this mornings shopping at Albertsons. Since we've got a lot of meat in the freezer I'll just need to pick up a FEW more things (like bread flour, apple sauce, and cottage cheese) and then this is it for my weekly shopping!

Here's the low-down on what I got.
4 GM Cereal 2.50ea -used 2-$1/2q doubled got $2 Cat & 4.50 milk cat
2 Old Orchard bottled juice - used 1 FREE coupon got $1 Cat
4 2% milk 2.19 - used 4-$.75q doubled
4 Welches Grape Juice - used 4-$1q doubled got 2-$1 cat
1 whole milk 2.59 used 1 .75q doubled
2 Mission Tortilla Chips 2.50ea used 2-$1 doubled
2-32 oz Coffee Mate creamer 3.00ea used 2-$.55q doubled

Total after using all Cats (minus the milk cat) - 17.79, still have the $4.50 milk Cat (BUT we don't need milk now, so I'll wait until the day it expires to use it. An average of 79.2% in savings!!!


  1. Alright... was the milk on sale also or is that the regular shelf price for milk out in ID?? That's a steal to begin with if $2.19 & $2.59 are regular prices for a gallon of milk! It's around $3.75 a gallon for store brand milk here in Fargo.

  2. A gallon of 2%, 1% or Skim is $2.39 (was on sale for 2.19 this week). Whole is normally $2.59...this is "shoppers value" so its "non-name" brand. But yes, cheap milk. It was $1.69 for a GALLON of milk when we moved here June 2010!


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