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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Take time for YOU

As busy moms, busy workers, or just plain busy people we need to stop and smell the roses. It's OK to take time for YOU. This coming Saturday our church is having a mini-retreat for women. It's a morning/afternoon retreat for women. We will be pampered and have time to spend just for US. There is childcare and everything. I requested that #1 & #2 use the childcare for a while in the morning because Pastor is preaching on Sunday which means he'll need some quiet time to write on Saturday morning....I got an email from the connections director yesterday listing things we need to bring, and in her email she wrote, "We ask that the children stay with their childcare providers rather than with you during the day since the day is designed to be a ladies day to relax." Praise the Lord for He is good! How amazing is it that we get a day to relax, worry free!

Often times I think we push it and go go go...whether your working, a stay at home parent, or just a busy person in general. It's what our society is coming to...and I'm hoping to show my kids something different. I found some great Extreme Mom Care solutions!

Here are some things YOU can do for YOU!
You know what else that is really helpful for me, having a support network of friends with similar situations (like kids similar ages). We have a pretty cool group of women from church that have similar age children and I was feeling like I needed some GIRL TIME so I asked another close friend if she'd host it at her house (bigger and better location) and so this Thursday we're going to be hanging out, sharing good food, and doing a craft I found on Pinterest...more on that later!

So, are you down in a funk? Get up, Get out, and just spend time for YOU!

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