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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thankful Cross Project

While I've been searching to find activities to do with the kids to talk about Lent and Easter I thought we'd work with crosses...I thought about various things we could do and decided to keep it simple. Since #1 LOVES to cut paper right now, we decided to find things in magazines that we were thankful we had (some of them it was a stretch) and then used our Modge Podge. Both kids found joy in looking through the magazines.

 #1 cut carefully at times, then not so carefully at other times.
 #2 just enjoyed tearing the paper
 After cutting out all our pictures, we put modge podge on the cross, then put our pictures on, and we did one more layer of glue on top, just to be sure!
Here are two finished products, both of which are #1s, the one of the left is one he did completely on his own, the one on the right is with guidance from me.

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