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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Zaycon Foods

The price of things goes up and down and up and down...well meat is something that the price seems to rise and not come down. This past fall I discovered Zaycon Foods. This is a wonderful company that has a great goal in mind, "Our goal is simple. We help families like yours to save money on high-quality food products". They provide Chicken, Beef, Bacon, Turkey, Pork, Fish, and fruit. The thing about buying from Zaycon Foods is you buy in bulk. For my chicken order, which was all chicken breasts, fresh never frozen, and is 100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients, the order was 40lbs. Now you're thinking, that's a lot of FRESH chicken. Yes, it is, but a friend and I have been splitting the order, 20/20...which lasts us about 3-6 months. As soon as Pastor and I save up for a deep freeze, we're buying one, but we're going to pay cash for it. 

When you pick up your order you go to a local place in your town, you drive through the line (which I've NEVER waited long at all...maybe 3 minutes tops), they check off your name and put your chicken in your car for you (in a box, and they also lay down a plastic bag before hand so no chicken juice gets on the carpet of your car), and you drive off...plain and simple. When I come home I immediately take care of the chicken. Last time I chopped 10lbs (into individual 1lb bags), sliced 5lbs, and left 5lbs in breasts. I seemed to choose the chopped chicken first, so I think this time I'll do 15lbs chopped and 5lbs in breasts. The chicken breasts are HUGE. They are great, not very fatty, and so delicious! 
Here's a picture of the meat, I had already taken out 20lbs from the box and put in the sink. So 20lbs on the left is in the box, and 20lbs on the right is in the sink. 

 Afterwards, took about 45 minutes to chop, cut, and slice it all.

BEST part about it is, the chicken is only $1.69lb!! The lowest I've seen FRESH chicken breasts from the store was $1.89...and that's not very often. So not only are you getting a great deal, but you're also getting a great deal of delicious meat! So, have I convinced you yet? Create a log-in and password and you'll be emailed when they have their next savings events...they only happen every so often, spring, fall, and winter I believe.

**I was in no way asked or paid for this review of Zaycon foods.**

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