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Friday, March 16, 2012

ABC Bean Bags & Free Printables!

 I told you about these earlier this week! Here's my final product! I sewed 26 bean bags (well 29 really, because we have a plain set of 3 as well). To buy this on an educational website I just saw that they were $35! WOW! I spent probably $4 on all the beans and had the rest of the supplies lying around. Want to know how I did it, go here. There are TWO FREE Printables I created embedded within this post!

I did all the vowels in purple and the constants in green. I was going to do an additional 10 bean bags for numbers, but then (after I was about halfway done sewing them) I realized I could use the back of the ABC bean bags and use them for numbers and dots! What a great way to use all these bean bags. I'm so excited to use these with #1! We're going to play a game that I created word cards for (free printable to you!)  CVC Throw and Spell. While playing this game I'll put some masking tape on the ground, as a guide for "where to throw" the bean bags. If you want some more ideas, go here.

Number bean bags are a great way to introduce your child to math in a simple yet fun way! I created a number mat template where you could lay these out and throw the corresponding bean bag too, or even do addition with some of the bean bags if you have a more advanced child! Rather than "reinventing the wheel" I found a great 2 page document that has some great ideas of how to use the number bean bags! I love that the ideas are both easy and advanced, some that I could possibly use for both #1 and #2! I love how they differentiated the activities (especially since I have my Masters of Education in Differentiation).

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