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Sunday, March 25, 2012


I did it. I planned ALL of Aprils menu and hopefully will stick to it. This will help me stick to my grocery budget and hopefully not have any spur of the moment grocery runs! This month I'm trying a LOT of new recipes. Some of them are:
Mac ‘n Cheese (adding in Ham from Easter)
 Chicken and Cheese lasagna roll up 
 Tagliatelle with pesto, asparagus and shrimp (from a magazine...)
 Creamy Farfalle with ham & peas (from a magazine)
Overnight Pull Apart Cinnamon Loaf  (from a magazine)


Here's a link to my complete menu. I'll be adding the dates in by hand, I had to do SOMETHING handwritten. :) I'll post weekly updates of my menu and new recipes that aren't linked already online I'll post those recipes too. Pastor isn't too excited about some of my "new" recipes, but I'll train his taste buds...sooner or later! 

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