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Saturday, March 17, 2012

April Menu

Well...I admit I haven't "sat down and planned" my meals for a while. We've been busy around here. We got a second NEW fridge so now all our appliances in the kitchen are the same brand and same color! WOOHOO! I also now have a second fridge (more freezer room). So soon I'll be posting about some freezer meals and freezer parties I'll be having. BUT in the mean time...I've created a template for my menu which you can get HERE for FREE! I no longer have the dry erase calendar that I used (because it was a clingy one, on my old fridge) because let's face it, black and black, just doesn't work. I wouldn't be able to read it. SO, I created this, I HOPE to plan out April all at once...I'm working on it now, so I hope to get it done. Enjoy the planning sheet in the mean time. When I get my April all planned, I'll share it with you all!

Happy Meal Planning!

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