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Monday, March 26, 2012

Book Review: Simple Secrets to a Happy Life

I was recently given the opportunity to review Luci Swindoll's book Simple Secrets to a Happy Life. I've read various "tip" books on how to improve life, and be happier, but this one was by far the best one I've read. This book consists of 50 ways to make the most of every day. I was a bit skeptical of this book at the beginning since the others I've read are just shallow and they don't have any real "substance" to the book. Swindoll does an amazing job at giving the reader things to think about and she even includes bible verses in almost every one of her "50 ways to make the most of every day".

I read this book like a bible study rather than just a typical book, and I can guarantee you I'll re-read this book at least once a year! There are 5 parts in her book, each containing 10 "ways" to make the most of every day. These 5 parts are: beginning with the basics, developing your style, achieving balance, living a good life, staying connected.

One chapter I really liked was "Remember to Notice Things Daily" I think this is vital if you have children, especially young children. It's so important to notice your children, play with them, and watch them grow (because they grow up WAY too fast). Swindoll uses Ezekiel 44:5- Use your eyes, use your ears, pay careful attention to everything, in this chapter. She states "our minds are a million miles away, and we're just not paying attention, we're focused on the news, the computer, the phone, doing the dishes, and all these things when we're not really paying attention to what really matters. She hits home with a lot of topics, but this one is especially important to me!

Want to read more of her chapters and ways to make the most of every day, and trust me, you'll be happy you read this book, then go buy her book!!

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