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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Couponing Tip #1

I'd like to say I'm a great couponer, but I learn something new each week in couponing. I'd like to start sharing with you my "tips" as you could call them.

Now when you get into couponing and you get samples and FREE coupons for products (more on that in a bit), your first instinct is to go to the store and buy the item and use your FREE coupon right away, right? WRONG. Don't do that. Coupon mistake #1!

I received this in the mail in the beginning of March. It was from a Facebook Promo for Macsurance (nla). It was a FREE coupon for one box of Kraft (the only brand I'll buy) Mac 'n Cheese. Now, for a while we were going through a TON of Mac 'n Cheese, but its slowed down a bit now. However, I always love a FREE coupon! So, when I got this in the mail, I cut it out and put it in the "freebie" section of my coupon binder. Then I waited...and waited...and waited....then I read the Walgreens Sneak Peak Ad for this week, 3/11. (Did you know that the new Walgreens ad doesn't include ALL the sales, to get informed on all the sales, sign up for the "Sneak Peak"

The ad had a buy one Kraft Mac 'n Cheese @ $1.79, get one FREE! What's better than ONE free item....TWO free items!!!!!! Now, the Free coupon that I got in the mail was only valid up to $1.60, so I had to pay the .19 difference, so I ended up paying $0.30 for not one, but TWO boxes of Mac 'n Cheese.

So, the coupon tip for today is:  Don't always use a FREE coupon right away, wait and hold out for a sale (just watch the expiration date).

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