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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Couponing Tip #2

If you're going to play the "drug store" game you'll want to know your "stuff" before entering. Since where I'm located only has Walgreens (BOO, I hear amazing things about the "magic" coupon machine at CVS and really hope one day to use it), I'll let you know what you need to know about Walgreens.
  1. Register Rewards (RR) do not roll — meaning, you can’t use the RR you get from one item to buy another of that item (or even another item from the same manufacturer, which will be listed on the RR) and get another RR for that item. That is why you see people rolling back and forth between different deals each week. Know your manufacturers and what products they each make!!
  2. RR are manufacturer coupons. At Walgreens, the number of manufacturer coupons you use in one transaction, including RR, has to match the number of items in your order, meaning you can't have more coupons (even RR) than items.  A multi-item coupon (like $1.00/2) attaches to both items, so counts as a coupon for both. This is why you’ll see lists of low-priced “filler” items in Walgreens roundups — sometimes you have to throw something small into your order and not use a mfr. coupon on it, so that you can use a RR. You can use as many STORE coupons as you want, including the in-ad coupons; this only applies to manufacturer coupons.
  3. Only one RR will print per offer per transaction. So, for example — if the offer is that you get one $5.00 RR for buying a certain razor for $7.99, you can’t buy two of those razors for $15.98 and get back $10.00 RR. If you want to get two, you’d have to split them up into separate transactions.
  4. Here’s a link to the official Walgreens coupon policy. Given the inconsistencies between Walgreens, you may wish to print this out and keep it with you! I've had MANY problems with Walgreens and coupons, so know your stuff and stick to it (but be POLITE).
  5. If you can’t find the monthly coupon booklets in your store, you can now print their coupons online. (If you have them in your store, save your ink!)
  6. You can use manufacturer coupons with both the monthly booklet coupons and the in-ad coupons. Always hand your manufacturer coupons over first.

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