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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss Week!

How funny, our little work table has this above it. Fitting for the week! Made by my mom! 

We've been doing everything Dr. Seuss around here. Dr. Seuss' Birthday is/was on March 2. We've done lots of fun things. #1 knows that Dr. Seuss is one of mommy's favorite authors!!

On Monday we read Bartholomew and the Oobleck, but because of its length in words we narrated it ourselves! #1 loved to do that! It was great. Then we made our own Oobleck. You'll need Corn Starch, Water, and food coloring (a bowl as well). Use the link to find the directions. It's well laid out.

#1 was all about dumping the corn starch in, but he REFUSED to touch the gooey sticky Oobleck. #2 on the other hand was all in.
We had it runny for a while, then we mixed it to be more solid like substance, my hands were full of Oobleck, so there were no further pictures! It was sure a lot of fun for mommy too!
On Tuesday we read The Food Book! A favorite in our house. We then made our own little foot picture. We did both #1 and #2 on the same page because it was fun to see the difference in size right there on one page!

On Wednesday we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and made our own picture to go with the story!

On Thursday we read various Dr. Seuss books (3 different ones I think) and made used bingo dotters on a Cat in the Hat, hat.
 Don't be fooled, I did most of her dotting!
He's finally getting the concept. Something has clicked! (Applaud inserted here)

On Friday we read Green Eggs and Ham, (of course!) and had green eggs and bacon (had no ham, so bacon had to do) for breakfast. Then we did some Green Eggs and Ham cutting and writing practice!

 #1 did SOOO awesome with this. Wasn't even a fit, like I thought, so I think LOTW from Confessions of a Homeschooler will go well this fall with him!

He LOVES cutting, and did the first "downwards line" perfectly. The second was a bit harder. But hey, it's doing guided work. Yeah!!

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  1. The red and blue footprints are so cute ~ love those little feet shots. :)

  2. Great ideas for the different books like the foot painting I may use that one- we are doing our suess week next week and it will be a belated birthday celebration.

  3. These are fun ideas! My oldest would love the Oobleck goo...

  4. What great Dr. Seuss FUn!! Love the feet painting =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF - have a GREAT week,
    Beth =-)


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