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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Homemade Shape Box & Bean Bags

 I've been sewing like crazy lately. I'm working on some bean bags for homeschooling #1 (and #2). I'm making a whole ABC set along with 1-10. Here we're just using 3 plain ones for now. We used an old box and cut four shapes into it. Triangle, circle, square, and rectangle.

While playing with #2 I would instruct her, go find the triangle and put the bean bag into it. She would do as follows. Pretty good. She would get it right 60% of the time.

#1 would just throw the bean bags into the "said" shape.

Now I'm sure your wondering, what in the world am I going to do with 26 ABC bean bags. Well, starting late summer early fall when we start "schooling" #1 (after all busy vacations are over, we're a busy traveling family in the summer) we'll use the bean bags each week to work on various skills. One idea I have is to use them to do CVC (constant, vowel, constant) work, or "throw a word" where he will use the bean bags to spell a short word (cat, dog, it, we, she, he, I, me- site words really...that only use 1 letter).

How I made the bean bags:
You need:
Old Jeans
Beans, rice, peas (something dry)
Sewing machine (or needle and thread)
Fabric to sew on to make your letters or numbers (if desired)

1. Trace your letter onto fabric and cut out (after doing this I realized that iron on might have been easier, as I hand sewed all the letters on) and sew onto jean fabric (the right side up).
2. Cut jean fabric so you have two 5x5 squares
3. Turn inside out, and sew three sides together
4. Turn right-side out, and stuff with 1 cup of beans (or your choice of dry ingredient)
5. Hand sew remaining 4th side.
6. Toss and Throw and have some fun!

 I used jeans because they are durable. I also cut fabric and sewed the letters on the jeans (had I thought about it before I started I would do iron on next time or something way simpler, but this worked).

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