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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hospital Tests

#2 is little. She hasn't really ever been "big" all her life. She was born at 7lb 10oz (#1 was born at 8lb 8oz), so she wasn't TINY at birth, but normal, average. We had the kids semi yearly appointment at the doctor about 3 weeks ago and #1 is doing wonderful. He's growing, talking, developing normally. #2, well she's a different story. Pastor likes to blame it on "she's a GIRL". I'm like, HEY, that's not a good reason!

Our Pediatrician had noticed that #2s weight had dropped BELOW the basically she's off the charts, in a bad way. Tear. Now she doesn't look unhealthy or malnourished. She runs, walks, talks (more and more now so), and does a lot of normal 18 month old stuff...she just doesn't eat well...she'll go three days without eating...maybe she'll have a snack or two, but that's it. Man, I'd go HUNGRY. Late last year #2 was on a weight monitoring schedule where we went into the clinic every month and weighed her, then in December she was "ok", hit the 5% weight margin, so we took a break, then in February we dropped again. #2s diet is Half and Half for "milk", any desserts, lots of fatty foods, and any protein she'll eat. Basically whatever she'll eat.

Well the doctor also wanted to rule out a few other things and offered some suggestions for testing. I told him I refused to have her poked and prodded so it couldn't be invasive. She did a sweat chloride test for her poor weight gain...this test also tests for Cystic fibrosis. Ah...a bit scary for mom there! /

Well good news. Doctor called me and told me that her tests were completely normal. So we'll go in and weigh her this month and reevaluate. We're praying that she's a picky eater and nothing "health" wise is wrong. She has been eating a tad bit better, but it goes in spurts, so who knows.

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