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Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Spy

Now that #1 is just starting to comprehend games more, I've been teaching him more and more games. Recently we played I Spy. He didn't quite get it at first, but now he's a pro at it! While playing I Spy one day I had a great idea. We could make binoculars to play this game and add onto it!

So, we saved up toilet paper rolls and made the binoculars. We actually made them at #1s best buds house on a play date.

Here's how we made them:
2 TP rolls (empty of course)
Scissors or hole punch 
Markers (to decorate)

1. Tape the two toilet paper rolls together.
2. Punch holes on the outsides of the TP rolls
3. Thread your yarn through the holes
4. Decorate & Explore!!

Then we played I Spy. Afterwards I thought of a way to make using binoculars even more fun. We cut out pictures of animals from magazines and newspaper and taped them around the house, then #1 and #2 would search out and FIND the animals on a safari! This was such a fun idea, we've kept the animals up around the house just to have more safari fun!

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