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Monday, March 19, 2012

Learning to Get Along Book Pack

When #1 was born we got this "Learning to Get Along Pack". These books are great. We've recently added them to #1's "faith" book basket (more on that in a bit).

Last night #1 chose to read "Understand and Care". I really enjoy these books because they aren't "wordy" and they get to the point and the kids actions on the pages are really displayed well. As we read through the book I talked with #1 about "how do you think this person feels" and why. He did really well. These books are great to start conversations with your kids and teach great manners, something a lot of children are lacking these days!

Now, #1's "faith" book basket. Because I was a teacher prior to staying home with my children, I have a TON of books, literally, they probably weigh a ton. We have over 3,000 children's books (and chapter books) ALONE, not to mention the amount of education books for teachers and tons of commentaries of different books of the bible. So, in #1's room he has a three shelf bookshelf (all at his level) and then he has a basket from Easter one year that we use as only FAITH books, some bibles are in it, Easter Books, Christmas books (yes, he LOVES to read these ALL the time, and I allow it), and these "Learning Books". Now these books aren't really "faith" books, but sharing, being polite, and caring are all characteristics of good Christian people, hence why they are in the "faith" basket.

Our nightly routine for #1is when its story time, he's allowed to choose 1 book, and we choose a book. It's from The Story Bible (which is new and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it). CPH puts it out, it is great for ages 3 to 8! It has key words, questions for the kids, activities for the kids, and a prayer for EACH book of the bible. It's probably the BEST kids bible we've found!

Books are such a great way to teach children about positive behavior and they are a door that opens up discussion with your kids (oh did I mention the Learning pack books have discussion questions in the end of them for you as parents!).

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