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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love of Thomas

We're a THOMAS the Train LOVING family. A train loving family really (as well as trucks, balls, and cars). A while back #1 came up to me and said "mom, I'd really like to go to the "downtown" library and check out some books". Who can turn that down! We got in the van and drove downtown. Now we have 2 libraries in town. One, is located right down the street, just a block away...the other is downtown, and when we drive to it we go by trains and go in a wonder he likes to go to that library...AND they have a TON more books. So, we went to the library and #1 wanted a Thomas book. I told him he needed to ask the librarian, so he did. She found this AWESOME huge book of Thomas stories. Needless to say, he LOVES it and has been reading it ever since. We also watch Thomas on the TV so he knows some shows, but he was reading and telling me what was happening in the pictures. Oh, I'm so happy to instill a love of reading in my child! Reading is SO important!

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