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Friday, March 30, 2012

Palm Sunday Fun!

This week has been a fun week doing some Palm Sunday fun!

 Here he was jumping from number to number as I was calling them out.
 Letter tracing, I realized that he probably needs a lot more PRE-WRITING before we can even start words.
 Palm Sunday Memory, here's where I went wrong, didn't use card stock and he could see through them, thus this was over in about 30 seconds. Live and learn, right?
 Creating Palm Leaves.
 This was probably by far the most exciting activity we did. #1 did a great job following directions and loved the finished product!
 Coloring sheet.
 Number Recognition game, this was fun until he realized he had to do 1-10, he was fine up until about 5.
 Size Sorting. He put all the small ones in a pile, medium sized ones, then large ones, not prompted at all. This was way easy for him!
 Another FUN craft activity, we used our homemade Modge Podge and recreated the "Triumphal Entry".  
#1 thought that we needed to really reenact it, so he made a donkey (aka- legos) and Jesus (Lego Man). I was surprised with how involved he got in the bible reading of the story!

We also sung the songs included in the pack, and I'm happy to say that we've moved from a Christmas song (that #1 ALWAYS sings) to Easter Time - tune to Jingle Bells.We had a great week!

Next week we'll be doing some work with an Easter Pack I found online. If you want to know more specifically what I'm using for home school teachings you can go to my home school tab. I hope to have it more updated as we start preschool 3s in mid August.

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  1. Great Palm Sunday ideas! We made palm branches one year....but the kids turned them into weapons....and then mean momma took them away. Oh well. The joys of boys!

  2. is this jumping from number to number palms? GREAT IDEA!

  3. Yes, Stef, it is jumping from number to number. We did 1-10, as my son is just 3, so we're working on number/site recognition.

  4. Stopping by from Fun Stuff Fridays!


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