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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Praying for Others

If you have followed my blog for a while you've read Teaching Children to Pray (the most clicked on link on my blog to this day). This week we focused on Praying for Others. We've previously discussed with the kids, Praise God, Confessing our Sins, and Thanking God. Nothing was extraordinary these weeks, thus I did not feel the "need" to post about it.

So, this week #1 and I have been talking about "others" what that means (since he is JUST 3 years old), and he's come back to me with, is _________ an others....many times...I think he's finally understanding that really "others" means anyone...which it does!

So, yesterday we met Pastor at (as #1 calls it) 'Old' McDonalds for lunch. As we were leaving there was a homeless man, who've we've helped before standing on the corner. We stopped the van on the side (not causing an accident) and talked with him for a bit and handed him "another" homeless bag. He received one from us before, whether he remembered that or not, who knows. Each bag is different because we make "we care for you" cards and the kids put a lot of effort into making them. When we left, #1 said, "Mommy, I'd like to pray for John - the homeless man gave us his name and asked us to pray for him, because he's an other who really needs God's help". Moments like these make me feel like a proud mama! He's getting it!

Have you been talking to your children about how to pray, are you seeing awesome results as these?

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