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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PUMPKIN, in March!

That's right.We're having FRESH pumpkin bread from REAL pumpkins...and its March! No we didn't go find pumpkins at the store. We "saved" our pumpkins this fall!

This fall we picked pumpkins (3 to be exact). While we were headed out to go on vacation (vacation to us, Pastor had a conference, we tagged along to Seaside, Oregon) right around Halloween so we wouldn't be around to enjoy our carved pumpkins. I had the kids paint the pumpkins with washable paint, so we could then enjoy our pumpkins when we got home.

After enjoying them for a while, we washed the pumpkins. Then we gutted them. Finally we quartered them ready for baking. We used a crock-pot and about 3/4 of the pumpkin fit in my crock-pot. We added 2 cups of water (although we probably didn't need that much) and then let them cook on low for 3 hours. After that we used a melon baller and carved out the nice pumpkin and portioned it into baggies (quarter freezer baggies, 2 cups in each). Out of 3 medium sized pumpkins we got about 15-16 cups of pumpkin, which we froze and are still enjoying! I'm looking forward to doing this again this fall.

I will NEVER buy canned pumpkin again.

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