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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Smart Shopping

Now some people don't believe in couponing...that would NOT be me...and that's fine, some choose not to spend the time couponing and just sale shop, which can give great rewards too. I just want to share what my "February" Savings Tracker looked like to you, to prove to you couponing and sale shopping WORKS!

This month, according to the Coupon Project's Savings Tracker that I'm using this year I bought a total of $625.42 worth of products (including some small furniture items and craft supplies, not just household and groceries mind you). My coupon savings was $175.26. I had a total of $142.76 in discounts...meaning that was in addition to my coupons, that was just STORE savings and SALES! My average savings rate for February was 52.35%. January was 42% I hope to by May have a 60-70% monthly savings. We're getting there! 10% at a time.

 Pastor and I have also decided at the end of THIS month we're going on a cash only budget. Hopefully that will help cut spending even more. It's part of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University information, while we haven't taken the class, I've read many of his books and hope to take a class in 2012!

How did your February budget look?

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