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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Soft Spoken Parenting

I recently checked out Soft-Spoken Parenting by H. Wallace Goddard, from the library. With #1 being three now, I know there will be those "trying" times with him, and I hope to keep my cool with him, and embrace the moment. This was an amazing and QUICK read! Each little "strategy" is about 3-5 pages long and at the end it has a reflection, applying this strategy and notes on progress...of course since this was a library book I did not "write" in the portion where you could take note, but what a great way to keep this as a resource for your continued parenting. Not all of the strategies were "applicable" to my parenting now, but I'm sure they will be in the future!

Here is a look at the 50 Strategies. If you'd like to read more see if your local library has the book or better yet, buy the book so you can have the amazing resource. I'll be purchasing it!

The Strategies
1. Get Your Heart Right                                                       
2. Just Say "No" to Anger                                                    
3. Choose Laughter over Accusation                                   
4. Look into the Child's Heart                                             
5. Look on Them with Compassion
6. Listen to Their Hearts
7. Choose Peace
8. Get Their Side of the Story
9. Walk in Their Shoes
10. Put Off 'til Tomorrow What Shouldn't Be Said Today
11. Correct Children with Wisdom...and Gentleness
12. Take a Mental Vacation
13. Breathe Deeply
14. Just Listen
15. Be on the Same Team
16. Make Sure your Actions Match Your Words
17. Blame It on the Rain
18. Reframe the Way You See Them
19. Imagine Yourself Watching a Stage Play
20. Go Walking
21. Think Graciously
22. Invite a Debate
23. Feed Your Own Soul
24. Put It into Perspective
25. Invite Each Child to be Part of a Solution
26. Choose to See the Good
27. Invite the children to Talk You Out of It
28. Plan for Children's Misdeed and Needs
29. Rewrite the Story
30. Imagine Yourself as Aunt Mary
31. Get Help
32. Haul Off the Trash and Open the Windows
33. In Tough Times, Keep on Loving
34. Teach Rather than Preach
35. Give Fair Warning
36. Keep the Ratio Right
37. Learn your Children's Languages of Love 
38. Enrich Your Parenting
39. Set Yourself up for Success
40. Change Your View of Children and Human Nature
41. Use Peruasion
42. Invest 5 Minutes to Save an Hour
43. Make Repairs
44. Give Choices
45. Turn It Over to a Rule
46. Respond to Anger with Compassion
47. Make Allowances for a Child's Childishness
48. Be Strategic
49. Send a Clear Message
50. Get the Help of Ancestors

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