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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sunday Coupon Savings!

So I went to Albertsons this Sunday AND Tuesday because when I went there on Sunday what I was going for, my main ticket item, was OUT, only 3 hours after the store opened....really!?

 I was a bit disappointed, but yet this happens with couponing. I shared my disappointment with the meat man, who said "oh the general manager can order some for you to have here by Monday night". WHAT!? Really! Why didn't I know this earlier! So, I made my first "order" with a grocery store. I feel I've reached a new level of couponing. I ordered 6 boxes of New York Garlic Knot Bread. I'll get them for .50 each, when they are normally $3 or more! This is what I bought:

2 Oreos -Normally 4.19 - sale 2.99 used 2-$1/1 doubled (FB promo, nla)
1 Whole milk Normally 3.39 - sale 2.99 used 1-$.50/1 doubled (3/11 SS)
2 Healthy Choice Steamers Normally  3.49 - sale 1.49 used 1-$1/2 doubled
3 Dole Fruit Cups Normally 2.59 - sale 2.19 used 3-$.75/1 doubled (got .50 cat) (1/15 SS)
1 Activia yogurt - Normally 3.49 sale 2.00 used 1-$1/1 doubled FREE (March ALL YOU Magazine)
1 plain yogurt .59
1 eggs 1.79
1 whole milke 3.39 used FREE milk wyb 3 breakfast items up to $4.00 got $1.01 in overage (FB promo, nla)
4 NY Garlic Knots Normally 3.39 Sale 2/$5 used 4-$1/doubled (1/15SS)

2 NY Garlic Bread Sticks Normally 3.39 Sale 2/$5 used 2-$1 doubled (blinkie)

Total OOP 14.42 (under $15, which is usually my goal for double shopping, so 20 items for less than $1 each!)
I did get a rain-check for the Minute Maid Juice Boxes 2/$6 (will get them for a buck each after doublers, sometime later this month, with my coupons, which equals to .10 a juice box...not bad, especially since we're traveling a TON this summer, this will be very handy).

Don't know what the lingo is, check out the coupon tab! 

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