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Monday, March 5, 2012

Water Fun!

One day the kids were getting restless so I picked a "fun idea" out of my "Can o' Tricks" and what we chose was "Water Fun". Now if you're not willing to let your children get wet, or your carpet for that matter, then you'll just need to stop reading. We did this in the dead of winter, so doing this outside wasn't an option. I laid down a big table cloth (had it doubled, for extra absorbancy), 3 buckets of luke warm water (half full about), and measuring spoons and cups from the kids play kitchen set....then I let them explore. I did guide #2 in spooning out the water, but #1 knew what to do right away! Eventually #2 dumped out 2 bowls of water on the floor and started rolling in the water. It was fun, and the kids learned a thing or two while playing! Both kids had fun. That's what my goal was, and it was accomplished.

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