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Friday, April 6, 2012

#1 Way to Save

One of the number one ways we save on appliances and break downs is by doing our OWN repairs. Recently the dishwasher hinge was opening too easily and I noticed that a small plastic piece had fallen off the door. I went to the appliance store, got the piece for under $5 and Pastor installed it into the door of the dishwasher in less than a half hour. He probably saved us about $50 by installing this piece by himself, rather than paying someone to come and do it!

 This is also a great opportunity to get #1 involved in the help!!
We also recently purchased a new fridge, in which we picked up and loaded into our house by ourselves (with the help of some great friends) and we saved another $75 there! I think with all the installations of appliances (oven, microwave-which he moved the vent and cabinets, that was a big ordeal, fridge, washer/dryer, and water softener) Pastor has probably saved us over $2000 just doing these little things! I'm so thankful I married a handy husband!

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