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Monday, April 16, 2012

Do It Yourself and SAVE!

Pastor cuts #1s hair in the spring and the fall. We save probably $40 a year just by cutting #1s hair. I will NOT let him cut #2s hair...I'll do that, or take her to a friend of mine. Her hair is precious. :) If you have girls, you'll know what I mean. #1 sits pretty well for this and we cut it really short so its only necessary twice a year. Now, if I could convince PASTOR to let ME cut HIS hair, we'd save almost $100 a year...he says I'd screw up and he needs to look "presentable"...whatever that means! Hopefully soon I'll get a picture of #1s 'after' hair cut.

We bought a nice hair trimmers for $30 at Costco last spring and have used it 3 times since, so its paid for itself...we hope to cut #1s hair as long as his willing....or until he can pay for his own haircut!

What do you "do" to save money?

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