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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor skills are important! Especially when children are young, getting them doing some fine motor stuff is important! So, #1 LOVES to cut paper, he asks almost hourly if he can cut paper...I now keep scraps from coupons for him to cut in a little cup with a scissors really handy. Only problem is #2 is not really "old enough" to use scissors on her own, and its a struggle to get her to do something else than her brother (because she has to be JUST LIKE HIM).

The other day I pulled out our lacing beads and gave #2 a pipe cleaner. This kept her busy for a while. Now I know what to do with these two if I need to get something accomplished for 10 minutes of peace and quiet!

What do you do with your young children? I'm going to try the pipe cleaners and colander activity with #2 soon, look for that to come in the next week or so!

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